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in collaboration with
IFSO MENAC & International Bariatric Club IBC & PASMBS

November 28th-29th, 2020

The conference will be streamed on our Facebook page, like and follow the page to make sure you join the live stream
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Welcome to the first online conference of

The Egyptian Society for Bariatric Surgery

Prof. Dr. Khaled Gawdat

(Congress Chairman – Founder and Honrary President of the ESBS)

Prof. Dr. Alaa Abass

(ESBS President)

Prof. Dr. Essam Abdel Gilil

(ESBS Vice President)

Prof. Dr. Mohey Elbanna

(ESBS Secretary General)

Guest Faculty

Ordered Alphabetically

Aayed Alqahtani


Ahmad Bashir


Ali Khammas


Antonio Torres


Ashraf Haddad


Bassem Safadi


Chetan Parmar


Christine Stier


Haris Khwaja


Hayssam Fawal


Luciana J.El-Kadre


Mathias Fobi


Matthew Kroh


Mohammed Hadad


Nasser Sakran


Scott Shikora


Diana Gabriela Maldonado


Liza Maria Pompa


Paolo Gentileschi


Sherif Hakky


Helmuth Billy


Safwan Taha


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